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Here at Stathtay Sticks, all types of walking sticks can be crafted to meet your needs. Whether it is carved walking sticks, wooden walking sticks or horn walking sticks, all types of sticks can be made to order.

Selling through this website, but, the main portion of the work being generated from recommendations from previous satisfied customers. These sticks have been sold all over the world. The sticks shown on this website are examples and represent the type and design that is produced. Whichever one you look at you cannot fail to admire the patience, skill and craftsmanship that go into each individual stick.

You will find that the sticks are beautifully made, functional and balanced. Although a number are made of wood by far the favourite is the traditional Rams Horn for its unique colours and strength. Unfortunately these are now becoming scarce due to the breeding fashions of farmers. In place of these the black buffalo horn has gained in popularity and for some much preferred. Please have a look and email me if there are any sticks you like or would like crafted.

After having run the website for over a year I think it is time to comment on the past year. Firstly I would like to thank all my customers who chose my website to have their walking sticks made to their specification and liking, it has been a pleasure. I have without doubt met many very interesting people from around the world. With sticks going as far away as Austrailia and to many states of America as well as the length and breadth of Britain. I am glad to say that most of the sticks sold were with rams horn handles much in keeping with tradition. There has been a great interest in the engraving of the horn as well as the collars of some sticks. I would like to say that a rams horn walking stick is unique in itself. Engraving the horn, may well take away the beauty of the shape and some of the natural colouring.but it is all down to taste. Also when engraving one must always consider carefully the amount of letters needed to make the point. The year has given me great pleasure and encouragement to continue to make some very fine sticks in the year to come.

Remember your comments and opinions are always welcome.

Horn Walking Sticks

Horn Walking Sticks are by far the most popular sticks. The unique colour of the rams horn used to create the handle is very distinctive and extremely strong. To create the desired handle a lot of work is needed to take the rams horn and carve it to the size and shape required. All Shanks are made of Hazel, this wood is used for its strength and durability.

The price of a good carved horn stick will be between £100 to £200 depending on the quality and the detail in the carving. The wooden handled sticks will be less and range from £80 upwards. A stags horn thumb stick will be from £40 upwards.

Carved Walking Sticks

Carved walking sticks can be made from several different wood types and the handles can be carved out of wood, rams horn or black buffalo horn. Each stick is carefully produced, ensuring they are functional and well balanced. With patience and skill, the end results are beautifully elegant carved walking sticks.

Tailor Made

Tailored to the individual relating to length and if requiring a ferrule.


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